Tips for caring for your bin.

Once cleaned, sanitised and deodorised, you will be pleasantly surprised with the new hygienic look and smell of your rubbish bin. Here’s some handy tips to care for your bin.

  • House your rubbish bin in a well ventilated area away from trees, shrubbery, direct sunlight and heat.
  • Place rubbish that will decay and become smelly over time into a plastic bag. Tie a knot in this plastic bag and then place it in your wheelie bin. Double bag if necessary. This will discourage vermin and flies. And add biodegradable in front of the plastic bag.
  • It is advisable to freeze such things as leftover meat and prawns and place them in your bin on the day it is emptied, add in a biodegradable plastic bag after freeze.
  • Watch out for signs of rodents, cockroaches, crows, etc and take appropriate measures to ensure effective pest control around your bin areas.
  • Never place harmful substances such as chemicals, solvents, used engine oils, paints, etc in your rubbish bins. Contact your local government to find transfer stations to dispose of similar hazardous or damaging waste. Add safely at the end of that point.

Conserve water and take good care of the environment. Please don’t hose debris from your wheelie bin or industrial bin where the waste water or chemicals you use is likely to find its way into our precious waterways via street gutters, stormwater drains or ground water. Call us – we’ll look after your bin cleaning needs and take special care of the environment as well.

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